Q: When can I expect to receive my package?

Depending on your products, the shipping time will differ, anything shipped from Asia may take anywhere from 10 - 40 days depending on how remote of an area you are shipping to. The customs and import process in your country is also a factor. Below are the most typical time frames for your region.

USA: Between 10 - 30 days (typically within 2 weeks)

All Others: Between 20 – 50

Products shipped from UK, Canada and United States take significantly less time. Please give up to a week for processing time (in most cases products from these countries ship within 24 hours), if you reside in US, Canada or UK your products may arrive within a week. Again depending on the location time does fluctuate. After you place an order and have questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

Q: Are Sublimation Shirts both sided or single sided only?

Please check the description for the product, we have designs that are printed on both front and the back, generally the same picture is printed on both sides, some of the designs are printed on front only.

Q: How come sublimation shirts are only white?

Generally sublimation shirts use specific kind of material and require the shirt to be white, this way the designs look a lot sharper.

Q: Are all of your products custom made?

No only certain designs are custom made, other products are sourced from multiple vendors and warehouses.

Q: What if the product is defected or I need to return it, what is your return policy?

Please send it back to us at the following address P.O. Box 7424

Romeoville, IL 60446-9998 USA, within 30 days of your purchase, naturally you will have to pay the shipping, we will give you the refund.